Cover of book, Stumbling Stone

Stumbling Stone is a compelling story about two people—Karl Schmidt, a German born, American police officer—and Sarah Stern, a Jewish reporter born to immigrant parents in the Bronx.

They could have been enemies but in their quest to uncover the truth about Karl’s tangled family history, they overcome their prejudices against each other and fall in love.

Stumbling Stone was published in June 2015 by Alvarado Press, Richmond, CA. ISBN 978-0-9962192-0-4.

Stumbling Stone reads like a historical detective novel, peeling away the layers of a disturbing story shrouded in mystery until the crime against humanity is tragically revealed.

– Armand Volkas, Psychotherapist
Founder and Director, Healing the Wounds of History

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Der Stolperstein, the German version of the novel, is available on and in German bookstores.